Get A Mobile App For Your Business

You Are Losing Money Every Day If Your Website Is Not Mobile Optimized

yoursitehereLet’s face it, mobile is the future. In fact, almost 20% of web traffic today comes from handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets.

The problem is, viewing a website that hasn’t been optimized for mobile is a horrible user experience! Users face slow loading speeds, poor resolutions, and will likely hit the ‘back’ button and visit your competitor’s website!

By having a mobile site, a user that visits your main website from a handheld device will be automatically redirected to your mobile website which will provide a much better (and faster) user experience.

Should I Get a Mobile App Or a Mobile Website For My Business?

Mobile apps have a lot of advantages and usually provide better user experience than mobile websites. However, they are much more expensive to develop.

If you don’t have the budget for developing a mobile app, a mobile-optimized version of your current website is a great alternative. We offer a wide variety of packages and templates that should fit any need.

MobiGrow specializes in developing both mobile apps and mobile websites. Check out this comparison chart to figure out what is the best solution for you:

Mobile App Mobile Website
User Experience Excellent Good
Support for different devices (iPhone, Android, etc) Requires a separate app version for each type of device One website supports all devices
Support for added/changes content Usually requires a new version Content updated automatically using our AutoFetch™ technology
Hosting Usually not required Unlimited hosting included in package
Cost Starting from a few thousand dollars Starting from $9/month

What is AutoFetch™?
AutoFetch™ is an innovative technology developed by MobiGrow that automatically updates your mobile site every time you add/edit content on your main site. This feature is available in some of our packages.

If you’re interested in a mobile app, click here to learn about our mobile app development service. If you’re interested in a mobile website, keep reading…

Can I see some of your designs?
Sure! Here are some of the templates we use for our customers:


Ok, I’m convinced! How Do I Get Started?
Fantastic! We would absolutely love to have you onboard. We have 3 plans that are incredibly affordable. Be assured that regardless of your chosen package, Mobigrow strives to ensure top rate client satisfaction!

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